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100 Minutes Full Budy Massage Therapy and Reflexology Foot Massage Package.

Include: 60 Minutes Full Body Massage Therapy 

40 Minutes Reflexology Foot Massage Therapy

100 Minutes Wen's Spa Signature Reflexology Foot Massage Package

SKU: 284215376135191
$179.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price
  • 100 Minutes Package 2:  $159- $20 = $139

    Include: 60 Minutes Full Body Massage Therapy Include: Back Walking + Hot Valcanic Stone + Acupressure & Deep Tissure Massage for Full Back and Front + Head Massage + Face Massage40 Minutes Reflexology Foot Massage Therapy  

    Include: Foot Soak with Herbs and Flower + Acupressure and Deep Tissue Massage + Hot Volcanic Stone + Cupping and Guasha (Optional)

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