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Wen's Spa Signature Therapeutic Package

100 Minutes Package:
Include: 60 Minutes Full body Massage Therapy and 40 Minutes Facial Therapy  

100 Minutes Massage and Facial Therapy Package

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$179.00 Regular Price
$159.00Sale Price
  • Mother's Day package: 60 Minute Massage Therapy and 40 Minute Facial Therapy

    Skilled therapists relieve tension, aid in relaxation and make the complexion softer and more radiant.

    60 Minutes Full body massage Therapy include:

     $29/5 minutes Back walking + $39/10 minutes Hot stone + $49/20 minutes Back massage + $49/20 minutes Front massage + $29/5 minutes Head massage + $29/5 minutes Facial massage = $224 

    40 Minutes Facial Therapy include:

    Include: $39/10-minute Face acupressure massage + $39/10-minute Hot stone + $39/10-minute Moxibustion + $39/10-minutes Cupping  +$39/10- minutes Flower steam = $195  

    ⦁ Acupressure & Deep tissue massage. Improve the human circulatory system, activate the nervous system, enhancing immunity, eliminating sub-health, promote health, prevention & treating diseases.

    ⦁ Back walking & kneeling. Deep tissue, correction & reset spine.

    ⦁ Moxibustion (Traditional Natural Chinese herbs). Dredge the systemic circulation. Improving gastrointestinal health, overuse injuries, low energy. Enhancing the physiological and biochemical functions.

    ⦁ Energy volcano stone therapy (Hot Stone). Improving blood circulation & nervous system. Excitation regulating the muscle tissue & joint.

    ⦁ Cupping. Anti-inflammatory & swelling. Drive away the humidity & chill. Dredging meridian and vital energy and blood.

    ⦁ Carnation Steam. Detoxification and beauty. Regulate endocrine and blood lipids. Lose weight.

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