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Welcome to WEN'S SPA


My Advice to you ---- My Customers & Friends

Fist, you only have to love your health!

Then, you are qualified to love your family and friends!

And then, you are qualified to accept the love of others!

Take a good care of  Yourself or a gift to surprise  Your Family & friends!


Traditional  Asian Massage Therapy Helps You Stay Healthy Into Your Golden Years!

Our Locations: Only one location is open each day.

                                      10735 Highland Rd, White Lake ,MI 48386

                              11636 Highland Rd, Hartland, MI 48353


Open: By appointment only.

Mon - Fri    10am - 7pm

          Sat    10am - 6pm

         Sun    10am - 1pm


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Wen's Spa Signature Massage Therapy

works on the following body systems:

* Circulatory Sistem.

* Nervous System.

* The Muscular System.

* Lymphatic System.

* Endocrine System.

* Respiratory System.

* The Skeletal System.

* Digestive System.

* Male Reproductive System.

* Female Reproductive System.

                          Enhancing immunity, eliminating sub-health.

                          Improving gastrointestinal health.

                          Improving blood circulation.

                          Enhancing bone health, improving the function of Spine.

                          Dredging meridian and vital energy and blood.

                          Regulating and improving the whole body system.

    * Remove Pain from Sciatica. Frozen Shoulder. Cervical Spondylosis. Osteoarthritis.        Muscles and Tendons Injuries. Lumbar Disc herniation.

   * Remove Headache. Insomnia. Migraine. Stress. Organ Inflammatory Sickness. Lack      of Energy. Dizziness. Ligheadedness. Neurasthenia. Vascular Inflammation,.etc.


We are not medical doctors and don't give medical advice.
Please contact your doctor if you have an unknown medical condition. 


Highly Recommended 

Wen's Spa

Signature Therapeutic Package

One 100-Minute

Signature Therapeutic Massage Package

* 1. Body Massage & Facial Therapy.

* 2.Body Massage & Reflexology Foot Massage Therapy. 

* 3. Body Massage & Cupping Therapy.
Your Price: $179-$20=$159

July Special.

Head,Neck and Should Pain Relief Experice

Special Price 
$39/15 minutes Seated Chair Massage
Limited to July 31st.
Please Call or Text: 248-554-7035 

Call Now:  248-554-7035    248-698-4878 

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If requested, we can supply you with a receipt of payment for you to submit to flexible spending accounts or insurance.

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Gift Certifcate Purchasers get 10% or 10 minutes rewards for next massage with any massage therapy.


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Traditional  Asian Massage Therapy Helps You Stay Healthy Into Your Golden Years!
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Our Massage  Treatments are Worth Every Penny You Pay


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