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We Have An Early Gift 

just For Your 

Valentine's Day!

Highly Recommended

Reflexology Foot Massage with

Herbs Treatment

Soak feet with over 40 kinds optional of Traditional Chinese medicine and flower heat, accelerate blood circulation, activate nervous system and increase the effect of massage.  


Wen's Spa Signature Massage Therapy

works on the following body systems:

* Circulatory Sistem.

* Nervous System.

* The Muscular System.

* Lymphatic System.

* Endocrine System.

* Respiratory System.

* The Skeletal System.

* Digestive System.

* Male Reproductive System.

* Female Reproductive System.

Enhancing immunity, eliminating sub-health.

Improving gastrointestinal health.

Improving blood circulation.

Enhancing bone health, improving the function of neck, shoulder, waist, etc.

Dredging meridian and vital energy and blood.

Regulating and improving the whole body system.

Remove pain, insomnia, allergy, all kinds of sickness,,,,,,,etc.

Enjoy 10% minutes reward for original price of any massage therapy service item.

100 minutes get 10 minutes free with any service = Equal to $19. 

up to $5 discount for your next appointment within 15 days.  Full payment ahead. 

If requested, we can supply you with a receipt of payment for you to submit to flexible spending accounts or insurance.

Get $10 reward for each FIVE-STARS excellent reviews on our Website or Facebook or Twitter or Yelp or Google and more public websites.

Get $10 reward for each successful referral.

Members have an unexpected surprise to celebrate their birthday.

 Gift for Holiday !

 Gift Certificate free 10% extra services.

Non-members packages benefits.


What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Gift Certificates available.

CALL NOW: 248-698-4878

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