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Sited Chair Massage

30 Minutes Sited Chair Massage

  • 30 minutes
  • 59 US dollars
  • Wen's Spa Hartland Location|Wen's Spa White lake location

Service Description

Chair Massage Chair massage according to the curve of the human body along the spine to choose kneading, finger pressure, kneading, massage, knocking and other massage methods for deep massage. Ten benefits of chair massage: 1. Chair massage can relieve pain Massage chairs can relieve pain because they stimulate the release of endorphins, the brain chemicals that relieve the release of pain. Chronic back pain, common pain and stiff muscles, as well as other painful body conditions can be relieved by massage. 2. Chair massage reduce depression and anxiety Massage increases serotonin levels in the brain, which can help with depression and anxiety. 3. Chair massage improve sleep Massage relaxes the body by reducing tension and anxiety and increasing serotonin levels, which will help people sleep deeply. 4. Chair massage reduce stress Massage can be a way to resist the effects of stress from all aspects of our lives. Reducing stress by increasing serotonin, reducing tension and lowering heart rate is one of the best ways to promote good health. 5. Chair massage boost your immune system Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, increases the number of white blood cells, clears the body of accumulated waste and toxins, and helps improve immune system function. 6. Chair massage can improve blood circulation Massage helps to deliver oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to your organs and limbs, increasing your body's vitality and energy. 7. Chair massage can improve motor function Professional athletes know that massage is a key tool to help them stay on top of their game. Massage can not only reduce muscle stiffness after exercise, but also prevent muscle injury, reduce muscle swelling and improve body function. 8. Chair massage can promote physical recovery Massage can be an effective addition to a rehabilitation program because it leads to more blood flow to the injured area, which brings extra oxygen and nutrients to the affected tissues and muscles and promotes healing. 9. Chair massage improve cardiovascular health Regular massage can help lower the heart's diastolic and systolic blood pressure, which helps lower heart pressure and helps maintain healthy blood pressure. The contracted muscles are released during the massage, reducing the burden on the heart. 10. Chair massage relieve health symptoms Common symptoms such as headaches and osteoarthritis can be relieved by regular massage. Massage can even help treat Alz

Cancelation Policy

Cancle or Reschedule policy: Time is valuable with respect to a massage therapy practice. Please understand that a lost appointment is equivalent to a loss of income and that someone else may have been denied a massage treatment. We understand emergencies occur and sometimes appointments must be cancelled, but we ask that you respect our time. This time is reserved exclusively for you. If you must reschedule or cancel appointments, you have one chance. Please notify us 12 hours in advance to avoid an automatic credit card charge of 50% of the price of the services reserved. Reschedule twice in a row will lose the privilege to pre-schedule future appointments. No show policy: If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full cost of the scheduled appointment. Also you will lose the privilege to pre-schedule future appointments.

Contact Details

  • 11636 Highland Road, Hartland, MI 48353, USA


  • 10735 Highland Road, White Lake charter Township, MI 48386, USA


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