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1. Prepayment is required for an appointment. 

2. Complete the prepayment and your appointment will be valid. 

3. 50% of the full payment. Your services will be reduced to zero with less than 24 hours reschedule notice and "no shows".

4. Full payment. Your services will be reduce to half with less than 24 hours reschedule notice, and will be reduced to zero with "no shows".

Make An Appointment

1. Please pay Online Store on 


2. Please Text or Email your payment information to 



Credit Card Authorization

Type of Card: ______________________________

Card Number: ____________--____________--____________--____________

Expiration Date: _________/__________ CCV Code (three digits on back of card): _________

Cardholder Name:

First Name:__________________________________ Last Name:________________________________

Card Address: Street Number:_____________________________________ Zip Code:______________

Phone:_________________________­­­­____________ Email:________________________________________

Wen's Spa may require a full payment to secure appointments. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard or Discover, ect. And then you can get 10% minutes reward, and up to $5 discount for your next appointment within 15 days,  and gifts for holiday & birthday. If requested, we can supply you with a receipt of payment for you to submit to flexible spending accounts or insurance.

Please read Wen's Spa Policies first. Thank you !

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